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7 Affirmations For Self-Love

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Whether you find yourself with a low-self-esteem or you want to implement a healthy ritual in your daily life, these affirmations are a great thing to do. Repeat until it feels real, achievable, or good enough. Make sure you take deep and slow breaths between each repetition. You can either say it in your mind, write it down, or say it aloud - either way you are manifesting these affirmations and ultimately moving a step closer to loving yourself more.

  • I’m good enough. Because yes, you are. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you this, go ahead and tell yourself!

  • I’m worthy. Heck yes, you are, but again, tell yourself this - you don’t need to hear it from anyone else.

  • I’m doing the best I can. Your best may be different from others, that’s why you should just do the best for yourself and not compare yourself to others!

  • I’m a loving human. Every day we should strive to love better, treat others kindly, and treat ourselves better to the extent that we can! We all make mistakes and fail, but hey you are still here, you learned, and now you are reading this which means you want to do the work.

  • I’m deserving. This can mean many things, you know what you are deserving and as long as it's harmless, positive, and good for you - then yes, you deserve all the good things!

  • I’m beautiful. Don’t let society or beauty standards make you feel any different. We are meant to be unique and imperfect in the most perfect ways.

  • I’m happiness. Yes, you are, even in the darkest times, you are capable of being happy. It’s an energy inside of you, no externalities will bring you true happiness - you need to channel that energy and be happiness.

Repeat as needed.



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